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Five qualities the right real estate agent possesses

Real estate agents aren’t all the same. Each one has their own expertise and skill set. However, the best real estate agents do share similar qualities. Finding the right one depends on your specific needs

For a successful real estate transaction, whether it’s buying the home of your dreams or selling your property for the best price, you need to hire a real estate agent with these winning qualities.

  1. Knowledge about the local market

    From Lake Murray to Richland and throughout The Greater Midlands, home values, prices, and real estate trends could differ. This is especially true when it comes to niche markets like luxury real estate. It’s why you should hire an agent who specializes in your market if you’re selling or your target areas if you’re buying.

    A local real estate expert knows the ins and outs of their market. They’ll be updated with the latest trends and help you navigate the home buying or selling process with ease.

    To know if a potential agent is a local expert, ask about their recent real estate transactions (at least within the past three to six months). Look at the numbers, including the original and final sales price.

  2. Adaptable and flexible

    Find a real estate agent who understands your priorities. Buyers and sellers have different expectations and goals. If a real estate agent can’t provide the guidance you need when it comes to buying or selling your property, then they’re not the right one for you.

    A good real estate agent will have a client-focused approach. They’ll be able to easily adapt their strategy to meet your needs perfectly. Ask about the type of properties they’ve handled before. This lets you know if they have the right skills to handle your transaction.

  3. Excellent communicator

    Communication plays a key role in a successful real estate transaction. You and your real estate agent must always be on the same page every step of the way. Therefore, exceptional realtor customer service is a must.

    Look for an agent who is professional and with a reliable attitude. They should be able to communicate with you effectively and regularly.

  4. Connections within the industry

    There’s more to buying and selling a home than you may think. In addition to real estate agents, you may also need the services of a home inspector, mortgage broker, surveyor, home stager, and the like.

    Someone well-connected within the industry can provide you a long list of trusted real estate professionals, helping your real estate experience proceed without a hitch.

  5. Great references

    Experienced agents have excellent references to back up their claims. Request a list of references and ask previous clients about their experience working with the agent. This is a great time to learn more about their practices and how they interact with their clients.

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