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Home staging: What you need to know

Selling a home involves a lot of preparation and organization to make the transaction work. For a truly successful sale, you need to make the property look its best. This is where home staging comes in.

Home staging is curating the property to look a certain way before putting it up for sale. When listing your Newberry home, here are the important home staging facts you need to know.

How much does home staging cost?

According to, a home service resource website, the average cost to stage a home in 2021 varies between $631 to $2,325. The national average home staging cost is estimated to be $1,461.

The cost typically varies on several factors such as:

  • Size of the property
  • Type of property
  • Duration of the home staging
  • Extent of home staging (modifications, repairs, etc.)
  • Consultant fees

Other expenses that come with home staging include professional deep cleaning, furniture rental, refurnishing, landscaping, and related services to improve the appearance of the property.

The total cost of home staging depends on your needs as a seller. The more extensive your home staging is, the more expensive it will be. Staging a luxury property for weeks on end, for example, could go above the average staging cost.

Consult with your real estate agent and discuss what your home needs so you can plan accordingly.

Why is staging important?

Home staging makes your property stand out from the rest of the properties in the area. It helps attract more buyers and make sure you get the most from your sale.

Here’s a quick list of the other great reasons why you should stage your home:

  • It makes it easier for buyers to see themselves in the property
  • Buyers need to see the full potential of your property. More importantly, they need to visualize themselves living in that space. Since home staging highlights the important features of the home, buyers will have an easier time seeing how well the property fits their lifestyle and needs.

  • It can shorten the time your property spends on the market
  • You don’t want your property to sit too long on the market. This can derail your sale and lead to price reductions. If you want to speed up your sale, showcase your property in the best light possible. The more eye-catching your property is, the more people it will attract.

  • It can improve your property’s online listing
  • Your property needs to make a good first impression. With most buyers looking online to find their next home, you need to make sure your listing photos are the best they can be. Staging helps your property look fantastic both in person and in pictures.

There’s a lot of thought, preparation, and planning that goes into staging. Some novice home sellers can find the process overwhelming. For the best results, hire a professional.

At Maldonado Miller Real Estate Redefined, every home is staged to sell. You don’t have to go through the trouble of getting a professional stager and doing everything yourself. Give us a call today at 803.309.2429 or send an email to JenMaldonadoMiller(at)gmail(dotted)com.